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.PRO Domain.PRO Domain
Here you find information about the domain extension .PRO

  • .PRO domain prices

    Country / MeaningInternational
    Priceon request
  • .PRO General domain properties

    Min/max domain lengthDomain names can be 1-63 letters and/or numbers long.
    Domain Transfer AuthCodenot required
    Local presencenot required
    IDN.pro domains with special characters are not allowed
    Transfer to Web & CreativityDomain transfer (change of provider) of a .pro domain to Web & Creativity is possible
    Change of ownerOwner change of a .pro domain is possible
    Nameserver updateDNS change of a .pro domain is possible
  • .PRO Services

    Domain ownerYou are listed as the owner and Admin-C of the .pro domain
    Web interfaceWeb interface for the .pro domain management
    Realtime registrationAutomated procedures for ordering .pro domains if possible
    Sub domainsSubdomains (eg shop.domainname.pro) are freely configurable
    Domain forwarderForwarding your domain to an existing website
    URL-HidingReal URL is hidden in the forwarding

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