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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about our services which we offer. This database is updated continuously. If your question is not one of them, we certainly like to answer them personally. The FAQ database is currently available in English only.

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  • What is a domain alias and how can I setup it?

    A domain alias is the possibility of an additional domain to use (e.g. www.web-and-creativity.ca), which has the same content as the main domain (e.g. www.webandcreativity.ca) without the need to use webspace. The visitors to the website don't noticed that he is on the main domain. The address does not change. E-mail addresses of the main domain also work for the domain alias.

    Following the advantages of a domain alias:

    • Easy setup in the control panel: "Websites & Domains > Show Advanced Operations > Domain Aliases".
    • If you setup for your main domain the email address e.g. "info@yourdomainname.ca", then the email address works also under the aliase domain e.g. "info@your-domainname.ca". You don't have to do anything that this works. So you don't need to manage the email addresses twice.
    • When someone calls the alias domain in your Web browser (www.your-domainname.ca), it will displays the contents of www.yourdomainname.ca, the address in the browser remains on the domain alias (alias www.your-domainname.ca). So for example the visitor clicks on the contact page, it will show the content of "www.yourdomainname.ca/contact.html", but the address shows "www.your-domainname.ca/contact.html".
    • The setup is within 1 minute done and everything works perfectly.

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