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Web & Creativity provides the platform for your applications - with PHP, Perl, Python and MySQL. We give your application the power it needs for a smooth operation on the World Wide Web. The server locations in north america guarantees the best connectivity and a 99.9% availability.

The modern software equipment of our servers enables seamless operation of all popular Web applications like for example, TYPO3, Joomla!, xtCommerce, Magento, Oxid Esales, phpBB and WordPress. The software base is regularly updated and adapted to the latest developments.

We offer web hosting which is not off the shelf, but tailored to your needs. We do not try to lure you with unlimited web space or unlimited traffic offers. We want to guarantee you that we are able to provide you with the resources and stability.

Order now your new hosting package.

  • Web Hosting Features (incl. in all packages)

    MultiDomain: Keep all of your websites under one umbrella with MultiDomain. Host unlimited domains and websites, and set up e-mail accounts for each domain name. Having multiple websites and e-mail for each of your businesses has never been easier.
    Domain Aliases: Take advantages of a domain alias (more info).
    Operating system: Linux - OS appliance used for the server operation.
    Webserver: Apache - The proven Apache 2.2 is installed as a Web server.
    mod_rewrite: Powerful Apache module for URL manipulation.
    PHP: PHP5 available in the current version. Many PHP extensions are compiled by default.
    MySQL-Server v5.x: The database server which provides optimal performance.
    phpMyAdmin: phpMyAdmin in the current configuration is installed to manage your database.
    ImageMagick: Tool to edit the graphics is pre-installed with the PHP5 extension.
    POP3 / IMAP-Server (SSL): Incoming mail server for your domains.
    SMTP-Server (SSL): Outgoing mail server for your domains.
    Stats (Webalizer): Extensive statistics for all established domains.
    Backup: Daily backups of your data and MySQL databases.

We also register your domain to fair prices which includes for registrants who have no local business or residence in Germany (for .de domains), in France (for .fr domains), in the Netherlands (for .nl domains), in China (for .cn domains), in Asia (for .asia domains) or the European Union (for .eu domains) a trustee contact service.

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